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It’s Good To Have A Vision…But A Vision Without Execution is a Dream that Won’t Happen


Branding is the greatest part of expression to who you are and what your business stands for. Many of you are looking to execute this amazing thing that has been placed in your care. I have been there as an entrepreneur hoping to execute my brand on my own..not able to really get my ideas across and suffering in the process. People are looking at what you have to offer..your site..and who you are. You don’t sell a product! People buy a product because they fell in love with the sale of you. Your story is paramount to the brand being executed in an amazing way where you can see your dreams become a reality. I KNOW HOW TO DO JUST THAT!

I know how to cut the noise and creatively pull out of you the right and most effective brand as I have done for thousands of people, companies, and entrepreneurs.




You can expect to receive:

  • Brand Naming
  • Market Identification
  • Money Strategies
  • How to Make Money Right Now
  • Picture Direction
  • Copy Collaboration
  • Design of Collateral: Business Cards, Speaking Packet, Book Cover, Post Card, Splash Page
  • Printing: Business Card, Speaking Packet
  • Website Copy
  • Social Media Grow your numbers, grow your business
  • Subscribers: How I got over 65,000 people on MY List
  • Sharing: How I have made my money and all my sweet little bare naked secrets…I get paid thousands of dollars for!


THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! Launch your brand the right way. STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR DREAM! Learn what to do right now.

YOUR investment is money worth spending. YOU WILL NOT EVEN NOTICE..It will return to you over and over if done well.

This is the greatest fun you will ever have.

DaRhonda will go to her (pretty) cave and help you cultivate the perfect enterprise.

She will help you design a directive theme for your collateral including book cover, business cards, folders, marketing materials, postcards letterhead, posters and others.

DaRhonda and her team will help develop the vision for your website, web presence, and social media. She will creatively help you foster relationships with YOUR new team (she will share hers) and for the overall life of the project.

She will help you celebrate your brand with directed photos personally by her to make you sparkle. Ensuring you offer your clients an awesome experience with pricing and marketing strategies.

Your initial designs are included with your package. By the time you launch all the dreams you have inside. Payment plans available.


Priced wholesale through my team overseen by DaRhonda and TBN Creative Director

  • Illustrations
  • Website
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Video production

Payment Plans Available

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KarvaWords alone could never express my gratitude towards DaRhonda Williams.  She has touched every aspect of my life and transformed it into something spectacular.  I am a better mother, sister and daughter.  I have started an amazing business which fulfills every career aspiration that I was looking for but couldn’t find.  She has the uncanny ability to always and consistently guide you in the right direction.  It is comforting to know the amount of thought and the attention to detail she applies to every situation.  She is invested in you and your dreams, as if they were her own.

Karva Beasley, Owner | Cordially Yours Events

JuliDaRhonda was coaching me to develop emotionally within, to develop professionally, and to be a better wife and mother, ultimately to be more balanced in all areas of my life. DaRhonda has been instrumental in helping me transition my team from a top down organization to a true leadership team. She led seminars with my team members, exposing them to the bigger picture of how their roles at work were a piece of the puzzle of their lives. I continue to seek her coach expertise in many facets of my life. Every time I invite her to speak, train, or coach I leave inspired and transformed by the experience. She has a gift of drawing people out, and provides clarity and thought-provoking content which causes people to jump into action and make things happen.

Juli Salvagio | Chick-fil-A, Owner/Operator

MelissaDaRhonda is simply AMAZING! She helped me create a design I believed in and a brand I adore. She has this awesome ability to be creative in naming and preparing the identity of a brand to have life. Her innovative approach to coaching is unmatched. DaRhonda pushed me to the edge of where I was willing to go and held my hand to go farther! The is NO better coach!

Melissa Greggs | Jenise Gregg Couture

OliviaDaRhonda created a brand for me and launched my business that has catapulted me to the life of my dreams. She is well connected and amazing to work with.

Olivia M. | LUXE