Do you have a talk…

a Bare Naked Idea that must be shared with the world right now or you’ll burst?!

I will give you the stage!

DaRhonda-Red-Chair2I will assemble the  crowd, the venue (different atmosphere for every kind of talk), and the mic and the cameras and pay you and allow you to sell your product

…all you have to do is show up (stay and flight to Houston is up to you)!

Well… You do have to do a few things

  • Your Idea has to be super duper cool… something the world has not seen but waiting on.
  • You have to be believable with a brand I and my team believe
  • You have to gear your talk about your Bare Naked Moment (can be anything or at any point in your life metaphorically speaking)
  • You have to sparkle and shine
  • You must be right at the edge of something much so you feel it in your bones and cannot keep it to yourself.
  • You must be interesting, fun, and normal
  • You must have something you can share with the audience that you want to launch that is authentically yours…


If you make it you will get your video so you can launch your dream, speak on grander stages, and get a referral of love from me personally for 1 use on website, book, product or written recommendation.

Why are you doing this?

Apply to speakCause I can! Cause I should! Cause I had something to say and NO one would give me a shot


If you are chosen you will hear in exactly two weeks of the submission with an email with one or two pics a light bulb on from our Bare Naked Girl is a go… if it is a no go… her light bulb will be out!  If you have a lit bulb… a follow up email of details will be sent within one week.

Here’s your chance.