Bare Naked Lunch Break

Lunch + Learn = An Amazing Life With New Perspectives

Lifestyle Coach DaRhonda WilliamsHouston Area Only

This kind of coaching setting is perfect to jumpstart the life you love! It is time you take a moment to think about you. You Deserve THIS Hour For Yourself! I will immerse myself in your environment and share tools and creative challenges that will allow you to cultivate the life you want and give you the ability to coach yourself in similar situations. This experience is unlike any other. Expect to be motivated, challenged, and ignited in a fun explosive way. The power to move is enhanced by the creativity that is infused into each one of these events that are geared just for you and your team. You will all leave with a renewed hope and fresh perspective that can be applied to every aspect of your lives!

You can expect to receive:

  • Interactive Coaching
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Coaching Tools
  • Modules Themed for Your Group
  • Transformation
  • Creative Insight
  • Passion
  • Connection


This is your moment to have a renowned life coach come and stylistically change the life of everyone in attendance. THIS IS AN ENERGY SHOT!

Call Executive Assistant Elise NOW at 713.409.4936 or email and get coached to your next level! We all need a BOOST… HERE IS YOURS!

These lunches are so successful because it is a great way to engage the people you work with on a common goal.

The talks are geared to their personal life and work. I believe we all need moments that are deep and reflective in the midst of our day and week. Many of you work through lunch or are trying desperately to get so many things done for work and home that you are exhausted when it is time to reflect on you.

This is sweet, stolen time just for you!

Have your co-workers be a part of this dynamic time that you may share and expound on the coaching you received together in the weeks following. Be innovative and bring your company a resource of quick motivation and tools that can be immediately implemented into your everyday. This is so awesome!

DaRhonda will come to your office or place of business and coach you and your co-workers on the following subjects:

  • Finding the Love of Your Life
  • Creating a Life You Love
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • I Want It All
  • Abundance in Every Aspect of Your Life
  • The Bare Naked Life
  • Your Perfect Happiness

So grab a few co-workers or girlfriends and spend 45 minutes with DaRhonda changing your life.

Investment: $60 Per Person / Per Lunch 45 Minutes (Minimum 4 People / Payments due at time of luncheon)