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DaRhonda will ensure that your event is not just successful, but creates positive, lifelong results.

For years, she has used laughter, creativity, and interactive participation to lead her audiences toward exponential growth.

DaRhondas speaking topics

DaRhonda is an insightful speaker who can take any theme and turn it into an unforgettable message of motivation.

DaRhonda understands transformation occurs when people change their mindsets and increase their capacity. When we think our potential cannot go beyond a puddle, we must challenge that mindset to fold, and realize that our potential can fill an ocean!DaRhonda will propel the audience to expand their vision to see the endless reality of their full capabilities.

Whether you wish her to use one of her own topics, or to create a new topic according to your desired theme, DaRhonda will challenge and inspire the audience to seek greatness.

Special consideration of Speaker Engagement Fees are provided for non-profit organizations.

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Praise for DaRhonda

DaRhonda provided an unique and engaging experience!

hdr_logo_bhpb1 The inspiration of new life is beaming from DaRhonda. She came to reorganize our leadership team and stayed throughout the week with employees, our culture, and the leaders to help us understand the company deficits and coached us to creative new processes we are implementing with great success. She assisted us also in our marketing efforts though naming, brand identity, creative ideas, and definition of our mission, vision and values. DaRhonda provided an unique and engaging experience!
Raquel Rodriguez | BHP

DaRhonda really understood the essence of our client

StarofHope DaRhonda really understood the essence of our client and gave them and our team coaching tools to transform our brand, develop the client connection to new life, and training that is still making incredible impact on our efforts in Houston.
Dr. B. Henry | Star of Hope

Will have her come back again and again!

UniversityofStThomas DaRhonda caused our students to open up and be coached in a way I have never experienced in my 20+ years here. She shared her life, experience, and coaching strategies that they could implements immediately. Will have her come back again and again!
Dr. T. Vandiver | University of St. Thomas (houston)

She was energetic, knowledgeable and inviting.

rsz_conference_logo-1 DaRhonda was the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference (AWEC) in Houston, Texas in May 2013. She was energetic, knowledgeable and inviting. Participants left the event feeling uplifted and inspired as a result of DaRhonda’s innovative message delivery. She has helped to further our mission of building women up in the Houston community.
Shantera L. Chatman, MBA | Founder Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference, Inc