The Bare Naked Experiment

DaRhonda is looking to expand your life and transform her lifestyle brand across the nation.

DaRhonda-Yellow-DressDaRhonda has dedicated her life to understanding the life and balance of women. She designed this experiment to connect to those women and challenge them to greatness face to face. This allows her the chance to deepen the life experience of women all across the nation…

YOU will be a BIG part of how that is executed. Hearing your heart, mind, thoughts, desires, and the things that move you to action will provide such freedom for you and the other women in this intimate setting. This is a safe time to connect to matters most. Come and dish about your men, children, work, business, life, and relationships and your relation to it all! You will laugh more than you have in ages! Come fall more in love with yourself. You will realize the differences in other women that will strengthen your next steps. Come share coached by your favorite coach… and love the excitement of new creative opportunities!

She wants to connect with an intimate group every month hand picked by her. You will be coached in an atmosphere of connection, laughter, and amazing food.

There is no cost to you…just bring your light, experience, and willingness to share!

There are only a few spots each month.

To snag yours fill out the form below.

I cannot wait to hug your neck!

Until then… Smooches!!

DaRhonda Williams | Lifestyle Designer

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