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3 Days customized to meet the goals, vision and needs of your organization.

Bare Naked Love DaRhonda WIlliams
This has been created for businesses, corporations, churches and non-profits to create new energy to be infused within the organization.DaRhonda will come initially for an overview of the organization and how it works/functions. She will be a part of the culture for half a day with a leader and the other half a day with an employee. This will give her an excellent opportunity to see the work and give it a greater gift of service.

DaRhonda will develop a plan that will consist of an entire day of coaching for leadership. There is a final day split for management and employees. This will give direction and inspiration to higher trains of thought and goals. She will infuse new life into the culture and brand offering insight to the move forward. Finally on day three a dossier will be given to the leaders of future steps of accountability than can be taken and the those within the organization that are capable to take on the challenge of those positions.

What You Can Expect?

  • Brand Strategies
  • Vision Alignment
  • Mission Conception
  • Role Definition
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Evaluation
  • Immediate Coaching tools
  • Leadership Development
  • Inspiration and Motivation

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