BN V.I.P. Day

Do You Want to Transform Your Life in One Day?

I have been there… screaming inside my soul hoping someone would notice how in pain I was and would reach out and just tell me what the heck to do! HERE YA GO! When in your life will you have a moment to just focus on you, your life, and your work? We are going to be talking a couple of weeks before your arrival with (2) two-hour sessions. This is going to prepare us to become coaching machines! This day is meant for elevation, breath new life on you and offer you tremendous transformation! It is time to buckle down and take your life seriously and be an integral part of who you are meant to be in this life! No one can make that invest but you and you are wasting time.


This Seat Is Reserved Especially for YOU


I will break your day up into 4 easy bites! We will have covered a lot of ground in our sessions prior to your visit. We will work through every meal only taking time to tinkle. YOU will love it! IT is a day for you, about you, made just for you. NOT ONE of these are the same. Each person is different and requires a different life. WE all deserve happiness, wealth, and abundant joy!

DaRhonda will not only help you find it but force you to take a hard look at the things that have stopped your progress. She will celebrate what you have done well and push you to be great…and will cause your weaknesses to offer depth to your character.

You will go to the spa…you will rest, relax and hear. You will find your design for your life needed clarity and truth. You will be amazed at discovering who you really are.


It really is fine to get naked for a day!

Investment Includes:

  • 25 page Dossier
  • 2 Spa Treatments
  • 2 two-hour sessions prior to your special day
  • 1 Deluxe Room Stay at 5 Star Hotel
  • VIP ALL- Day Coaching Session
  • 3 Meals Paid
  • Notes for our special day
  • Workbook

all you have to do is get here!

Includes food for the day and one night’s stay in 5 star hotel ( flight not included)

Spend one entire VIP day with Lifestyle Designer DaRhonda

Having prepped you before the day session, she will systematically take every aspect of your life and coach you though. She will come up with innovative creations and ideas to shape you and your life to be amazing. DaRhonda will take your

  • Marriage
  • Singledom
  • Business
  • Life
  • Home
  • Family
  • Past
  • Book
  • Enterprise
  • Work

…and bring greatness to evoke power back into your life. She will give you strategies to return to your norm and conquer the depth of where you are meant to manifest who you have been created to live! Within 15 days you will receive DaRhonda’s personal recommendations in a comprehensive 25 page description with a future action plan based on your VIP day session.

Your Investment: Includes food for the day and one night’s stay in 5 star hotel ( flight not included) | Payment plans Available